Thinning Memories

Can someone who we loved yet has passed away support us still in this life?

I grew up around grown-ups who all believed that loved ones who have passed still continue to support us even after death. I often visit this hopeful way of looking at our long-gone-loved-ones and find it incredibly conforting. It makes perfect sense to me. The love they 'showered' onto us is and always will be there there. We are made of it's very fiber and the two, the love and you, cannot be separated.

Thinning Memories
I miss you most in times like these.
Your voice use to ring clear support.
Yet, those words have gone with time,
and left their indelible imprint on my heart.

My mind desperately reaches out to thinning memories,
clinging, grasping,
to the way you used to say my name,
the way your hands looked while busy,
your gait,
your smell.
Each time I am robbed of more detail.

I can gather some scraps of wisdom from those ghost memories
that will help me get through these times.
Surely, you left me a message somewhere
hidden from the jaws of time.
Surely, you still guide me unbeknownst to our gods.

The occasional coincidence or miracle pull me through unscathed,
I feel blessed and loved by each of these loving whispers that crosses though the veils of death.
It's then that I know, deep in my soul, you stand beside me still.

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