Nine New paintings (photos and descriptions included)

I have been working on various new pieces within the past 2 months. They are around the subject of nature, specifically plant forms and roots. I have always believed that nature holds all the answers and this work allows me to contemplate all the lessons held by these seemingly very quiet and unassuming living things.

The painting about is called 'Nurturing Nature'. As a parent of 2 young children I am constantly thinking about all the aspects that go into parenting. This painting reminds us about what is happening beneath is just as important as what is happening above, in fact, it may very well be more important, for what feeds the tree is what will allow the beautiful blooms to grow way up on the tops of the tree. That is called 'rearing'.

This one above is an 8x10. When we went to the Redwoods last year we saw thousands of ferns. ferns come into life rolled up into this beautiful spiral which later unwinds. I call this one 'process'. It's reminiscent of the path without the need for a end-result.
The one above I am still working with, but I am including it here for it;s part of the 8x10 sets. It's called 'Hidden beauty'. Here sits a plant form at the bottom of the ocean floor, unobserved and unseen by human eyes. Is it still beautiful even though no one sees it? even thought no one calls it that? Yes, we define ourselves in life, regardless of the criteria of others, we must learn to sway all alone at the bottom of the ocean and still know we are worth it.
I showed this one above to my schoolchildren and they all had varied responses that were VERY vocal and strong. I wanted to bring up the idea of the inside of our bodies and how the veins and capillaries are very much like roots. Also notice how the bulbous items come in the way of the path of the 'roots' and yet the roots go around it, and sometimes right over it. This image calls for the need for flexibility of the human heart.

In working with flexibility I had to create one for my son. I always tell him about the importance of flexibility and how flexibility is strength. These flowers above do not fight the wind, they bend with it, allowing themselves to survive. A less flexible plant might fight the plant and snap in half and die. What we often see as weakness may very well be a strength.
This one above is called, 'birth'. I tool AP bio in high school and I always remember being somewhat fascinated by the 'birth' of a seed. As a teacher of kindergarten years ago I also sprouted seeds. It's always such a fascination to see such a delicate thing crack open a seed I myself can't open. A baby too for example seems like the most delicate thing yet in going through the labor process is no picnic. Babies are stronger than we think.
The one above is titled, 'Love'. One set of roots are embraced and curled together .
This one (24"x30" ) was the first I made in the series.....the picture does not convey the level of texture in this painting. To see close-up images go here.
The one above is called, 'idea'. When we get an idea it begins as a small seed or dream deep within ourselves. But it holds great power, wonder and potential.

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