ART Highlights from my high school reunion----Marymount School of NY

Aside from having a great time, the school was filled with art everywhere....it was a dream come true to an art teacher like myself.

Below, are sample book covers......my mind is already trying to figure out ways to do this with elementary children.
These are amazing portraits!!
Now these are to drool for......they are......clay shoes!!!! aren't they just the cutest things ever....I am absolutely trying these with my kids.
You can tell this artist is growing up in NYC!!!
These are portraits done on Ipads....

Marymount was the only girl school out of three that got an award from apple for being innovative in education using technology.
This is my favorite painting!!!! love it!
Check out this computer area!!
These are Marymount students here for their 50th reunion.....I hope I look this good at 67ish....


  1. Very cool. Love the shoes! Should I ask... what reunion was it for you? And is this a school in Manhattan? OR where? And what grade levels is this artwork from? If too many questions, I'm sorry. None of my high school reunions have had any visits to anything like a student art exhibit (or anything related to current students at all). Thanks for sharing!

  2. This was my 20th high school reunion.....it was Marymount school on 84th street and 5th avenue, across from the Met. I also just wrote another post about it.......see post below this one.....

    click on the link and see the page.....


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