Paper Mache Summer

This summer we have been very busy exploring paper mache. Above Nora hold the dancing angel I made using a soda bottle and newspaper. She of course immediately told me that it would be so nice if I gave her the doll as a gift. 

Nora's current obsession has been PUPPIES.....We live in an apartment and cannot currently have a dog. So making these pink puppies has been somewhat therapeutic for her. They are all pink (of course), they have gem nails, wings and feather fur. She took one of them to the beach with us last week. 

My obsession has been paper mache bowls. Nora of course was inspired to make one for herself. Hers is the one with the heart handle....OF COURSE. These are not yet done. My inspiration came from this artist on Etsy.com that sells paper mache bowls with maps decoupaged on them. Click here to see some  cool paper mache bowls. 

Finally, I thought I'd take a crack at making a mask.....these are not yet done.....but I feel they are off to a good start.

Even my son, whose obsession is baseball, began his own paper mache project. This one is a rocket....of course.

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  1. Any mom who does paper mache with her kids is a special person. Kid need to be exposed to this kind of messy, creative art form. They are lucky kids. Thanks for sharing.


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