My Spanish Art Classroom is ready for next week!!!

This is the display right outside my classroom. Everything is in Spanish because I will be teaching art classes in Spanish to K, 2nd and 4th graders. 

Some initial decorative boards were put up to beautify the halls before the art goes up. 

The 3 art teachers share this lockable storage closet. It's an art teacher's dream!!

Another view of our lockable, storage closet. 

More displays in the halls. The art teachers are responsible for over  15 bulletin boards. 

My classroom view from the doorway. I have 7 tables. 

My table markers. Each table has a different color. 

My elmo projector!!

I teach 3 grades and see kids 2-3 times a week for 45 minutes.  That is more art than I took for my studio art degree in college. Content and Language objectives will be posted here daily. 

My Spanish Art vocabulary wall of the letters A, B, C and Ch. (Remember, it's a Spanish alphabet) 

My Spanish Art vocabulary wall detail of the letter P. 

The Early childhood educator in me always loves these jars filled with colorful items....

My demonstration corner 
A gallery corkboard on right

A sink!!! (Ta da!!)

I posed these moving figures up on top of my cabinets. 

My drying rack and visual files

Paper.....glorious paper. 

My doorway..... 
Says, 'Welcome to Ms. Cutelis' class'

This door goes out to some wooded area.... 
Huge picture windows

My class with the lights off

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