Adventures in Jones Beach

                           We love going to the beach after the crowds have died down in the summer. The breeze is cool and the smell of the ocean is everywhere.

Nora and I decided to walk down and test out the waters. The ocean was a bit wild. This picture is of Nora running and creaming as the surf comes in.

Sunset in Jones Beach....the sun goes down behind the Ocean.....amazing colors.

Nora finding 'treasures'

Luke and dad brought their baseball and did some field practice....Luke loves 'diving catches'. 

An empty beach and a beautiful sky.......I brought my book, but typical, got swept up in collecting sea shells and wooden sticks to make a beach sculpture with Nora.

Here is our final piece....we found a cool black silky ribbon which added a nice touch to our otherwise very still sculpture.

Nora dancing around the sculpture.

I love watching her singing and dancing. I aim to be as free and joyous as she is daily.

Getting dark....Dad and Luke still doing baseball drills. This time it's Luke practicing pitching to dad....

A few people remain as the sun goes down....The sky is endless.

The sun has finally gone down.

Our sculpture from above.

Nora's treasure collection fit nicely in her shoes...
She wanted to pose with her findings.

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