Daughter OBSESSED with Babe, Pig In The City

My daughter Nora is obsessed with the movie Babe, Pig in the City I must have watched this movie over one hundred times by now due to this obsession. It was on cable a few months back and since then Nora, my one-year-old, has been hooked. First we rented it and kept it for 3 weeks!  Thank goodness we are no longer in the days when Blockbuster would charge a small fortune on late fees.  Then it became clear that we would have to buy it. I ordered a used copy on amazon (my favorite online store). I actually don't mind watching this one movie at all. It's funny and extremely clever, and miraculously each time I find something new I have not seen before. It brings Nora a sense of comfort to see the same predictable silly scenes and talking animal characters each time.  She always runs over for all her favorite parts and expects me to be newly enthusiastic each time. As a 19 month old, she has been taking some time to start talking, which is normal for bilingual kids, yet to no one's surprise her 4th word was "pig".  Well, more like, "Pic, pic, pic!!". 

Priceless!! Awesome movie...

Do you have a movie like that with your kids?  

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