No More Sugar.....SUGAR!!

I've never been the type of parent to limit sugar to an orthodox level. I have always felt a bit bad for kids whose parents don't allow them to enjoy sweets once in a while. Although we don't usually buy cookies, ice cream or candies ourselves, we allow them on special days, such as birthdays and holidays. Yet, just two days ago, my son (4) went off the wall not even 10 minutes after having his second glass of juice (He had gone out with dad and was sweating so we did not question him having a second glass). He was running back and forth from the living room to the dining room, jumping from one couch to another and laughing a cute maniacal laugh the whole time.  It was an instant shift from an otherwise calm child; well...as calm as 4-year-olds get. 

Luke hardly ever likes me taking his picture.  I usually have to surprise him. Nora on the other hand perked right up for the pic above. 
That was my wake-up-call and the event had us reconsider even the small amounts of sugar he was getting.  The first and most important change in their diet would be to eliminate the bottled juices; NO MORE commercial juices. We have been diluting them, but the remaining sugar content and other non-natural ingredients cannot compare to 100% pure orange juice. I am aware that pure OJ also has sugar, but come on.... instinctually, I feel it's got to be much better than even the best juice on the shelf. I told my mom this new rule and the very next day she came home with a HUGE bag of oranges to make juice. My mom is the best mom and grandma, I wish I had such an awesome grandma growing up.  Here are some pics of this new change in our home.  They LOVED it!   

Nora is NOT a morning chick....But here is our juicer. It's a Braun Citromatic
Would love to hear any suggestions you have to make your home and family healthier....

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  1. Thanks for the difference!
    I will be back to check out your artwork, send me some links.


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