Medicines all around us....

While feeding the goats alfalfa a few weeks back at the Queens County Farm Museum in NYC, I mentioned to my 4 year old that mom too had alfalfa.  When pregnant, I too had alfalfa in pill form (which is made from alfalfa) to stop my ankles from swelling. 

This admission started a curious new obsession for him. He now collects weeds from when we go on walks and bring them home and pretends to make tea with them. Of course we do not drink it. But I immediately placed orders online to borrow books about medicinal plants for us to look through from our most amazing local library system. We also collected all the familiar weeds from the area, photographed them and then pressed them to  make a book later. This is very exciting. Now for the not-so-easy-job of identifying them all. 

You recognize any of these?

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