American Chopper and Jon and Kate....OMG

Kate Gosselin goes for a ride with the Orange County Choppers from TLC's "American Chopper" show.
I am watching the show and I am cringing the whole time as I am watching it. Jon and Kate are so obviously not together (as rumored).....as a wedding photographer I can sniff love in even its subtler emanations.  Yet, they are like two strangers in each others' presence. Jon is even more pathetic to watch; he had a long face the entire time except the end when he's chatting up with the guys (From chopper) and trying to be cool mentioning his female friends. He wears these awful shades as if anyone would find them cool. 

This particular show is about Jon meeting with the crew from American Chopper and having a custom made bike made for him. I can't help myself, but I get allergic reactions in my brain when I see people get such pleasure out of  their expensive "stuff" . Here is Jon, he does not even look like a biker, he is quiet, shy-ish, total guy-next-door look...and he wants a big burly-man bike. I see this quite often...men get older and start to feel empty and fill their lap with "things", younger women....so sad...and pathetic....

I gotta say, I have never been attracted to men with "stuff".  I think my doubt and mistrust in the institution of  "beautiful" helped me with this.....It's not like I'm being biased towards men with stuff...but it just so happens that men who dress themselves up in all that "stuff" are often rotten eggs....why else would they need to cover up so much?  

The news briefs tout her as some sort of control freak, who yells at Jon all the time.  I feel perhaps more of the blame should come his way. Any man (or woman) that allows anyone to speak to him in a bossy manner 24/7 and never stands up for himself is allowing it to happen. I feel no compassion towards him, in fact, it makes me have no respect for him as he trudges around following his wife's orders, then makes negative comments about her bossiness to the men when alone with them.....as if he had no control of it.....I would boss him around too...he's so damn accommodating. 

What I find the most disturbing out of this show (Jon and Kate Plus Eight) is that most of the shows have been about all the ways in which they have been spending their money since they got in the show. Apparently, they make 70K an episode, so I understand then trying to keep going, despite their very obvious dislike of each other.  For that kind of money I'd do shows with Bush for a few months. There have been episodes about hair implants, about moving to a bigger home, and now about their specialty bike......spend, spend...That seems to be the whole drive behind the show. 

Sadly, although they have a much better house, are filthy rich, and they even look like pseudo-movie stars now the family seems to be falling apart. Seems like when you  get addicted to stuff you only see and value the world through it's materialistic gifts and the thought that dominates is "what can I get next".....

One's addiction to "things" makes all life's true blessings seem mundane......

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