A word on Fathers

Father's Day is here to spark some thoughts on dads.

I grew up without a father. 
After my parents divorced when I was eight I never saw him again. 
Whether his presence could have saved me lots of pain or not.....I will never know...

Now I have 2 little ones and I could not have chosen a better father for them. My husband is protective, caring, plays with them, teaches them, but most importantly he is self-reflective in his parenting and open to trying new ideas. 

I saw a show once about how we choose mates and it said that a lot of it is subconscious and instinctual....we are wired to automatically choose mates that are physically healthy, and emotionally stable and that those 2 things guarantee a physically and emotionally healthy child. The funny thing is that when I met my husband he had never even thought of being a father. It was not even in his plan. But it's true, I knew he was emotionally stable (more than me for sure) and physically healthy (let's not go there...LOL)....so somehow that translated to me thinking he was attractive.....

I'm glad I followed my instincts....

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