Our "Terrorist" Bias

Law enforcement officers and vehicles are seen outside the U.S. ...

I was shocked and saddened yesterday to hear about Wednesday's shooting by an "88-year-old gunman" inside the crowded U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. I was also waiting for the words "terrorist" to come up as a way to label this incident....and it never came. I'm sure if the person who did this horrific act were of Muslim they'd be all over it and labeling it a "terror incident".   

I have these questions brought up by this incident....

* How come this was not labeled a "terror" incident?
* If the person who did this horrible act were Muslim would you have expected it to be labeled a terror incident?
* What do you think that says about how and who we define as a"terrorist"?

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  1. I think the new administration is attempting to avoid the word, terrorist, and the media is going along with it. I heard the term "violent extreemist" used in Obama's speech in the Middle East recently. I think that's the new discourse. <3


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