My New Quote of the Month!!

I have loved quotes for years! They are easy to memorize and carry life lessons all in one single and simple sentence. My latest one is from Katie Byron and it reads like this:

"Personalities don't love. They want something"

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Oh, how true!! I have a visceral social "allergic reaction" to "personalities" since childhood and never trusted them. Could be years of personally witnessing people in charge doing abominable or less-than-respectable things. But just in general, people who need to constantly define and redefine who they are to you verbally or through actions definitely want something and it's often not anything positive.

When I read this quote I thought of my husband and why I love him so. The word "sencillo", a Spanish word, comes to mind, meaning simple-hearted. He is not or has ever been anything more than who he is and that is rare to find these days in men. I often refer to him as my "diamond in the rough".

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