Harper's Ferry for the day

We drove 1-hour west to Harper's Ferry this past weekend. I had gone there so many times at night when younger, but very few times during the day. We had a great time.

Wherever I end up living when I grow up I hope it's near lots of nature......like mountains, or a river or an ocean....just breathtaking.

We were fascinated by the tunnel that cut through this mountain.
Luke, dad and Nora checking out the people floating on tubes.
A train went by.

Nora now doing what Luke does when I try to take his picture....oh no.....what if they do that for the rest of their childhood....!!!

Luke, after chocolate ice cream.
The view from Harper's Ferry train station.

Nora, Luke and I.

The train tunnel.......full of cobwebs.....looks like NYC train subway.

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