Seed of Change

24x30 Acrylic Painting-She Watched Him Turn The Corner
Despite its current sting, I know all paths are the right path
I am tired, beat down, aching, mad and bitter
though, I am forever blessed, my sleepless body craves retreat
retreat from the worrying, retreat from a mind that refuses to stop running
My current path scrambled and purposeless.
I worry, I turn and swim deep in ideas that tangle me so tight
suffocating all signs of peace, calmness and light
"remember", the right angels whisper
"Ideas can be changed
Ideas can change the world
Ideas can make it all possible
but it's time that will bring the true peace to your world"
In looking at me you'd miss the revolution quietly churning, planning
I am planting my idea, my seed of change as I writhe in agony with a smile
Simmering it, like rice, I do not dare stir or peak for reassurance
Today, now, the answer is yes, yes, yes, a million times over YES...
I accept, allow and open wide
Swaddled in trust and blind confidence
My idea grows and gathers the graces of my sweet saints and guardians
spring will bear the fruits of time
But right now it's yes, it's 'allow', my breath and yes of course, the dishes.

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