Build Your Best Body - day 5

     I was lucky enough to have a special helper tonight. She is even helping me type this post. My sweet little momma, age 8, asked to help me cook today!!! We cut-up veggies to make several salads to last a few days. The salads had a nice mix of sliced carrots, a handful of sprouts, diced tomatoes, shredded kale, canned black beans, and spinach leaves. Nora helped rinse and separate the beans into the 3 salads. 
Now....let's just hope daddy does not go in there and eat all of our salads. 

           Here she is....learning how to use the juicer. She was being super careful. First we juiced the greens on HIGH and then all other veggies on the LOW(er) setting. Today's juice had a whole lemon, a piece of ginger, two apples (one red and one green), tons of medium carrots, a handful of kale, some dandelion, and a medium beet. Below are the veggies prior to juicing. 

Hey!! she even got to drink her own glass. She says, "It's sweet!". 

Build Your Best Body - day 4

Build Your Best Body - day 3

We make sure to have the fruit basket always filled with fun, easy to eat fruits. This idea actually came from my mom. When we go to visit her in New York, and all through our childhood, we've always have a FULL basket of fruit. Now we just adopt that idea and we too have a basket full of fruit on the dining room table....for snacks. 

Running tonight and taking a juice to drink with me right after my run, as a 'recovery drink'. This one has 10-15 carrots, a thumb of ginger, a bunch of dandelion, one lemon, two small apples, parsley, kale and one small beet.
And pouring out some yumminess to drink before running tonight.Now I am sitting here typing this and sipping away at my juice. 

I thought it was really cold out and layered with two pants... went back inside and changed into one pair.....but....once we drove to gymnastics it had started snowing. First snow of the season. The wind picked up and I got really chilly, so I drove back home to again, put on two pants. All this running around ate up my running time, so I ended only running 2.4 miles. A bit disappointing, but a few miles is better than none. Plus, tonight was absolutely gorgeous. Where we live is very dark and we could see every star in the night, with the exception of some fast moving clouds covering them here and there due to the extreme wind. I think I will get up in the morning and do two more. It's Zumba day tomorrow, so I don't want to be too much in pain....but two easy miles might not be that bad.

Build Your Best Body- day 2

I am packing my lunch for today. I have a juice I made yesterday. Also I have a green salad, three mangoes, one tangerine, one avocado a hearty veggy salad and a fruit salad. This  pretty much held me all day. I ate the last 2 avocados when I got home at 4pm, and boy are they filling. 

Dinner was two sautéed carrots, 1 head of garlic chopped, 1 small chopped onion, two small chopped zucchinis, and 1 celery stalk, chopped. I sauteed the garlic and onions separate so I could really get them crispy, added a great flavor to the other, less-cooked veggies. 

Made juice from 15-19 small carrots, 1/4 of a cabbage, 1 lemon, 4-6 kale leaves, a bunch of dandelion, 4 celery stalks, and half a beet. I split this with my husband who also makes and drinks juice daily. 

It's a delicious drink....a bit bitter from the lemon, but also sweet from both the apples and the carrots. 

Prepared my salads for the next three days...if my family does not get to them first. One of the nice side affects from doing this is that one of my kids now likes eating salad. My 11 year old saw my salads in the fridge and asked if he could have one. Of course....!!! you mean I don't have to twist your arm to make you eat veggies?? 

My friend Jenna came over to do some yoga this evening... I've got some work to do... :(

Build you best body - day 1

I went in a 5.5 mile run and a one mile walk the morning.....came home and had 
Breakfast. Breakfast was coffee with soy no sugar, yes, I am STILL drinking coffee. I also had 2 mangoes, 2 tangerines and one huge glass of juice. The juice was made with about 15 carrots, 1 thumb-sized ginger, a handful of parsley, 1 cucumber, 1 apple, 5-6 celery stalks, and 1 lemon. Tasted delicious. 

During lunch I used the little energy I had left to cut up a ton of 
veggies and fruit for the week. I ended up eating 2 more mangoes to satisfy my growing hunger. From what you can see below, I made hearty veggie salads, some green salads and some fruit salads. * The Hearty salads had broccoli, carrot, celery. 
* The green salads had mushrooms, tomatoes, shredded kale, spinach and green peppers. 
* The fruit salads had cubes apples, blueberries, a little lemon juice squeezed on top, about 2-3 shredded mint leaves 

At around 5 pm I was famished again. I sautéed veggies in a pan. I used 1 ENTIRE head of garlic, 2 tbsps. olive oil, one onion cubed, half a green pepper sliced,1lbs sliced mushrooms, salt and pepper to taste and a 1/2 tsp of soy sauce. This was totally delicious!!

Made another juice bomb. This time I used 12-15 small carrots, giant handful of dandelion, thumb-sized ginger, one lemon, 2 apples, 5 celery stalks, 1 bok choi bunch and 1/2 large beet. Believe it or not I could not eat any more. I was satiated, so the juice I will have tomorrow. I made double this amount. My bunny gets to have the other half.